Parents with a baby

Water workout is one of the best training methods for parents and their babies. It is intended for babies from 3 to 12 months of age. Babies usually enjoy water and are very susceptible to activities in the water, where they can move completely freely. In addition working out in water has a beneficial effect on the entire body of a baby - exercises through touch encourage movement, which contributes to their physical and mental development.

The program includes: infant massage before going into water and exercises to strengthen the muscular, respiratory and cardio-vascular system in water, with a good measure of fun. Part of the workout are training aids, which simply draw baby's attention to make exercises more fun and contribute to faster learning situations, but do not change the baby's natural body position in the water.

Water workout is the perfect form of exercise for active leisure time with little ones. In addition exercise benefits for babies, time spent with the baby can represents a valuable experience of strengthening the emotional bond between parents and children.

Workout takes place in a form of a 10 hour course under guidance of trainers that adapt workout to individual needs. Since our aim is correctly implemented and effective workout with a personal approach, training takes place in small groups up to 6 people or in a form of an individual workout with a personal trainer for the most effective implementation of individual exercises and breathing techniques.

After a workout,
all fitness guests can use specious showers and a swimming pool to freshen up as well as a resting area and a sun terrace where you can enjoy a drink of your choice and gather new strength. Towels and sandals are available as well. The above mentioned is included in the price.
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