Mother and baby

Pregnancy and childbirth leave physical consequences on a woman’s body but women can effectively take care of them with postpartum exercise, which helps the body regain its shape. Postpartum exercise in Breza is intended for mothers and their babies from 6 weeks onwards. Workout especially focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles that loosened and became weak during pregnancy.

Mother and baby workout helps the mother improve her physical fitness and has a positive impact on the mother as well as the baby, since it includes elements that you perform with your baby. Including your baby into your exercise has a positive effect on his motor skills development, gives him a sense of security while you learn the correct way of handling a child. The aim of the mother and baby exercise is to loose your belly while spending quality time with your baby.

We offer a 60 minute group workout (group has up to 6 visitors), or an individual workout with a personal trainer in a private area for the most effective implementation of individual exercises and breathing techniques.

After a workout,
all fitness guests can use specious showers and a swimming pool to freshen up as well as a resting area and a sun terrace where you can enjoy a drink of your choice and gather new strength. Towels and sandals are available as well. The above mentioned is included in the price.
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