Massage “plus” (45 or 90 min)

The massage plus consists of three phases:
•creme peeling with Aroma Herbal products (20 - 25 min)
• classic massage of the whole body with Aroma Herbal balsam (55 min)
• relaxing scalp massage (10 min).

A crème peeling enables a better supply of oxygen making the skin more shiny and soft. The peeling also assures better circulation that expands the pores which causes the massage with the balsam that follows to be more efficient.
It is rich with Vitamins A and E that help the skin to maintain moist and softness reducing the signs of aging. The balsam is of a pleasant smell of lavender in combination with rosemary.

This balsam is made 100% out of exotic mango butter. It cotains many vitamins and has an incredible moisturizing effect. It is appriopriate for people with dry or sensitive skin.

It contains orange, lavender, marjoram and bergamot. It increases the blood flow and ha san extremely calming and revitalizing effects.

The calming scalp massage in the end will assure a holistic psychophysical relaxation.

After the massage there are specious showers and a swimming pool to freshen up as well as a resting area and a sun terrace where you can enjoy a drink of your choice and gather new strength. Towels and sandals are available as well. The above mentioned is included in the price
of an individual massage.

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