Individual workout with a personal trainer

The Breza Club offers a first-class furnished »boutique« fitness studio ensuring the guests to exercise in a private, comfortable atmosphere with a personal trainer. After the initial consultation and discussion, in line with the guest's wishes and goals, a personal exercise plan is prepared. The plan modifies and improves based on your progress making full use of the time with your personal trainer. If desired also an individually based program of weight loss and a healthy diet is designed, combining healthy eating habits and workout.

Only two guests can exercise at the same time in any area of fitness, which is a great opportunity to take advantage of our new feature: couple exercise with a personal trainer. Why would you train yourself, if you can split the skills and time of a personal trainer with a training partner that additionally motivates and encourages you towards a desired goal.

We offer a 60 minute individual workout or couple workout with a personal trainer. The main emphasis is always on exercising under professional supervision which is of crucial importance for achieving the objectives set, especially in the early stages. After a workout, all fitness guests can use specious showers and a swimming pool to freshen up as well as a resting area and a sun terrace where you can enjoy a drink of your choice and gather new strength. Towels and sandals are available as well. The above mentioned is included in the price.

In the spring time we also include outdoor workouts in our routines as Tivoli parks is just a few steps away from our club. Recently we have enriched our offer with a variety of group workouts for different groups of people including pregnant women, mothers with infants and seniors that will all be part of our outdoor workouts.

For visits of the fitness studio between 11.00 and 16.00 o'clock we offer additional benefits that include discounts in fitness packages as well as in connection with visits to the sauna club. For more extensive information please call us or email us.

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