Healthy spine

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor. Almost everyone encounters with this problem at least once in a lifetime. Water is the perfect workout environment for people with back pain. Buoyancy of water reduces pressure on the spine as you move and eases workout without additional load on the spine and joints.

Water supports body weight and gives a feeling of an easier movement, but nevertheless it produces the same results as workouts on land. Water resistance is large enough despite the lighter weight to represent real muscle training. Gentle and more spine friendly movements represent a good opportunity to improve muscle strength, range of motion and improve balance. The program focuses on the empowerment of the torso, which supports the pain free spine.

The workout is designed for all who want to eliminate back pain. The aim is to achieve good performance of the spine, to reduce pain and with that improve the quality of everyday life. Since our aim is correctly carried out and effective workout with a personal approach, workout is led by trainers that adapt workout to your needs.

We offer a 60 minute group workout (group has up to 6 visitors) or an individual workout with a personal trainer for the most effective implementation of individual exercises and breathing techniques.

After a workout, all fitness guests can use specious showers and a swimming pool to freshen up as well as a resting area and a sun terrace where you can enjoy a drink of your choice and gather new strength. Towels and sandals are available as well. The above mentioned is included in the price.

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