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Tennis Academy Breskvar

Tennis Academy Breskvar is a sport center, located on the edge of Ljubljana. In 2006 they built a new hall which includes six badminton courts and three tennis courts. In addition there are also open tennis courts and two volleyball courts, open in the summer time. Club house has a pleasant buffet area with a fireplace for you to enjoy a drink after workout. Throughout the year, the club organizes a number of tennis tournaments and social events, where participants can experience a real club atmosphere.

In collaboration with Tennis Academy Breskvar, members of Sauna Club Breza can take advantage of different benefit and discounts in tennis academy. For more information, visit their webpage.

Dance school Ples Plus

Dance school Ples Plus is a creative and diverse dance school fit for children. They set themselves an important task to focus their energy and knowledge on the youngest, who through dance discover hidden talents, learn about the power of cooperation and socializing.
Their educational programs are prepared in a child-friendly, informative and entertaining way and allow children quality spent time, where they develop motor and social skills trough dance. Dance school provides children with a good, broad knowledge of basic dance of all dance genres. Dance classes take place on the premises of the dance school, as well as a number of primary schools and kindergartens in Ljubljana.

In collaboration with dance school Ples Plus, members of Sauna Club Breza can take advantage of different benefit and discounts in the dance school. For more information, visit their webpage.

Language school BIP

Barbara Pantar Physiotherapy

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