About Breza

Make two days out of one...

In Breza Club that rests on the tradition of 30 years, we aim at integrating knowledge, professionalism, warm individual approach and a beautiful private ambience in a wide range of carefully selected activities. Guests can enjoy saunas in a pleasant atmosphere, many massages performed by a team of highly skilled physiotherapists who provide for your well-being as well as a swimming pool. In addition, you can relax with a snack and a drink of your choice in the clubhouse or on the terrace.

As a novelty in this season, we are presenting a variety of workouts. We help you reach good fitness with an individual workout with a personal trainer in a boutique fitness studio or you can join a variety of different group workouts where we try to satisfy different wants and needs, therefore, in addition to traditional Yoga and Pilates we also offer exercise for healthy spine, seniors 60+ and we haven’t forgotten about pregnant women and mothers with infants. All workouts, in the studio as well as in the pool, are led by a team of personal trainers and are available in the form of an individual (1, 2) or a group exercise (up to 6).

In today's fast-paced life an individual must take time for himself. Anyone who enters our luxurious world is offered privacy and pampering of body and soul, that leaves a unique mark.

The Breza club concept aims at providing holistic wellbeing in a beautiful, peaceful private atmosphere that simply dazzles, with people that assure that the you can truly unwind and step away from daily stress. The duration of the visit is up to 4 hours, so you can completely relax and enjoy yourself in peace.

We are located just a step from the Ljubljana city center, on Lepodvorska 13. There is a car park in front of the club where you can leave your car without any worry.

We’d like to invite you to give us a call and we will present to you more in detail our offer and the way we operate. You are also kindly invited to visit our club so you can get a better impression of the services we provide.
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